The world of Fitness is changing everyday.  At Strong Shop Fitness we are working hard to stay on top of these changes to provide you with the most complete experience possible.

Each client has their own specific fitness goals, and we respect that.  No matter what your ambitions may be, our trainers and strength coaches are prepared to help you reach them.  From weight loss, to trimming and toning, or as complex as an ultra marathon, tough mudder, or even powerlifting we will get you to your optimal level of fitness!

With no contracts or memberships for personal training, we strive to make your experience as stress free and flexible as possible.  Simply let us know what fits your schedule and budget and we will formulate a plan that fits both.

Strong Shop Fitness also offers group classes.  Shred Sessions, Strong Barre, and Yoga/Pilates can all help you reach your fitness goals.  Classes are offered at various times throughout the week and weekend , allowing you to find the perfect schedule for you!

Your first consultation and/or group class is always complimentary. So, if you’re ready to be in the shape you’ve always dreamed of being, come see us.  We can motivate and guide you to the size, strength, or level of health that has always seemed just out of reach.

Josh Sato
Personal Trainer/Owner