“Josh Sato and Strong Shop Fitness have been a game changer for me.  I was looking for a change to my workouts, someone to push me that extra bit to take my workouts to another level.  I needed to see a change in my endurance and my body, not only for me, but for my profession.  I can see and feel the difference after working out just a few months with Josh.

He is ver knowledgable and responds immediately to corrections in my form to prevent injury.  He has played an instrumental role in helping me to recover from and injury that had been nagging me for months.  He structures my workouts to benefit me and my goals.

From day one, Josh has been very professional, caring, and fun to work with even though his workouts are taxing.  I expect to be pushed and challenged daily.  He has certainly carried out his part of the deal.

With a lot of sweat and hard work, I am getting the results I want!  I wold certainly recommend Josh and the team and Strong Shop Fitness to anyone!”

Gina Cross


“Super supportive instructors and great classes.  I love the small class sizes, individualized support from trainers, and that the owners listen to clients.  I have never felt like just a number here.  After 3 months of regular classes, I am much stronger and injury free–so I am meeting my goals.”

Vonda Tolliver


“The personal training is absolutely top-notch.  You certainly get your money’s worth.  All of the trainers are highly qualified, dedicated and ensure you are getting the proper attention.

The Shred classes start on time, are well run and allow each person to participate at their own level.  It’s a great workout and rivals any Boot Camp’s in which I have participated”

Paul Engel


“Josh Sato and the Fitness team at The Strong Shop have transformed my body from fat and flab to calorie burning muscle. Am I a size 2?…No… But I feel better, my clothes fit more comfortably, and better yet, I can eat meals with my family and it doesn’t ruin my entire “diet”.”

Dr. Shannon Kemper


“I’ve been training with Josh Sato for almost 5 years.  At 59, I never thought I could look and feel so good.  It’s truly my “fountain of youth”!”

Melissa Elliot


“Shred is the best new fitness class in the area!  Everyone should try it at least once…you WILL get addicted!”

Amanda Cole


“The sense of community and support at Strong Shop is absolutely amazing.  Having no experience with training or group classes I was quite nervous at first but immediately felt welcomed, encouraged, and comfortable.  I love how each class is different and most importantly fun.  No matter where you are in your fitness level, Strong Shop can meet your needs and help you achieve your goals in a positive and non-intimidating environment!

Geriann Blevins


“Personal training is wonderful.  Classes are excellent and super fun.  The atmosphere is very comfortable”

Lori Santrock


“So warm and inviting. A VERY knowledgeable and strong team.  Each trainer listens and is genuinely committed to their clients needs.”

Debora Zaglul


“Strong Shop Fitness has more than exceeded my expectations.  The trainers are knowledgeable, friendly and FUN.  They sincerely care about you and helping you meet your personal fitness goals.  There is an incredible variety of classes available and Strong Shop is always striving to add innovative options.  If you are looking for a unique fitness center where you actually can not wait until your next work out- Strong Shop Fitness is it!!”

Jacqueline Kennedy



If you need a good gym in Lexington,KY come in and give us a try!