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Group Sessions

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Overview of Group Sessions

Strong Shop Fitness offers a variety of sessions, from beginner to experienced.  All exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness levels!

We currently offer the following sessions:

    • SHRED
    • YOGA


Shred is designed to burn fat with high intensity workouts that can be modified to fit clients of all ages and ability levels.

Every Shred Session is composed of 20-30 different exercises that are completed in intervals of 30 seconds with minimal rest in between.  High intensity intervals allow you to maximize your time in the gym by burning more fat than conventional methods of cardio (i.e. running, elliptical, spinning, etc.).  Therefore, you spend less time in the gym and look better!

All exercises are modifiable and can be molded to fit anyone! Ropes, TRX, TRX Rip, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Bosu Balls, and your body are the primary tools.  Shred Sessions are NOT designed with olympic lifts that can be dangerous when performed to failure or exhaustion.  Our workouts are designed to give you maximum results with minimal injuries to keep you in the gym working towards your goals.

If you are looking for gyms in Lexington, KY you should check us out first. Come in today and try Central Kentucky’s most effective, and most fun group training sessions!

Sessions Include:

  • TRX Training
  • TRX Rip Training
  • Bosu Ball Training
  • Plyometrics/Agility
  • Bodyweight Exercises
  • Kettlebell Training
  • Battle Rope Training




These classes are designed to give you the perfect opportunity to de-stress and get a workout at the same time!  We will incorporate a variety of stretches and breathing techniques while targeting balance and flexibility throughout your entire body.  All stretches can be modified to accommodate each individual,  and our smaller class sizes will offer a more hands-on approach from your instructor.


All of the benefits of Shred packed into 45 minutes!  This class flies by but will have you feeling strong and dripping with sweat!


If you are looking to lift and tone your back side, this class is for you! Exercises will target your hamstrings, glutes, and lower back to help give you the extra pop you’ve been looking for!


New to Strong Shop Fitness but already one of our most popular classes.  Top of the line Matrix bikes, high-energy instruction, fun playlists, and small class size will have you have you coming back for more!


This class combines full body strength training and cycling into one! We will target all areas of the body to help build muscle and shred fat by alternating different exercises with intervals on the bike.  We top the class off with core burning movements to help you strengthen your lower back and abdominal areas!

Pricing Options:

Single Session:                                               $20

New Client 1 Month Unlimited:         $100

10 Pack (10 sessions):                              $150 ($15 per session)

3 Month Unlimited:                                   $95 per month autopay

Club Membership:                                     $75 per month autopay

Club Membership in Full:                      $780.00

Our Club Membership is a “12 Month Unlimited Package”


**We offer student, law enforcement, fire department and military discounts.



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